Corporate Client Services

The Esposito Securities Corporate Client Services Group offers specialized wealth realization & retention services to corporations & their officers. Esposito Securities’ Corporate Client Services Group stands ready to provide additional solutions that are tailored exclusively towards corporations, shareholders of any type-individuals, private equity, venture capital, trusts, and foundations. As with any Esposito company, our scope & range is global. We currently transact in over 100 overseas market on behalf of our clients.

These services include:

Corporate Client Services

  • Consultation on the best ways to access the Capital markets for funding needs.
  • Corporate stock buy-backs.
  • Exercise of stock options.
  • Sale of Company 144 stock.
  • Corporate Cash Management.
  • Merger & Acquisition Consulting & banking.

Family Asset/Wealth Management

  • Trust & Estate Services
  • Family Office
  • Investment Portfolio Management

Esposito is, by design, an Entrepreneurial firm. Mark Esposito, our founder, understands the vision & drive that builds businesses. Our time horizon spans years, not weeks, or months.

We invite you to explore our world.