ETF Trading

  • Standard and Custom Creation and Redemption Capabilities
  • ETF Best Execution Liquidity Sourcing
  • Multi-Currency Settlement of Trades Based on Client Requests

Unparalleled Level of Service

Esposito Securities’ level of service is unparalleled throughout the entire trading process including trade execution, back office operations, and best execution reporting. In addition, we offer customized technology and algorithms.

Clients Needs First

Custom baskets are loss-leaders for Esposito, and we use them to facilitate commissionable agency execution. At Esposito, market impact is something we work hard to mitigate while keeping the client needs in mind for ‘market on close’ block trades.


We have been told by our clients that bulge bracket firms do not give the baskets the attention they deserve. At Esposito Securities, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Try getting even a cell phone number from a bulge bracket.

Unbiased Trading

Esposito Securities does not provide research for investment banking, so there are no conflicts of interest. Any and all equities in the basket can be handled without issue, and we have never seen a case where we have a restricted stock.


Esposito Securities strives to accommodate even the smallest request from our clients. We know there are unique situations that arise which our competition simply does not bother handling. We welcome these challenges and are confident they will only magnify our skill set and the ease of working with us.