At Esposito Securities, LLC (Espo) we are committed to preserving your privacy at all costs through all avenues. Our privacy policy applies to all of our current, past, and future clients.

Espo uses physical and electronic safeguards to protect your confidential information. Our electronic systems prevent unauthorized access and are monitored to ensure stability. Only those with required and granted access are allowed the ability to view your information.

We obtain information about you in different ways. We may use application information including new account forms. The information we may collect may include addresses, social security numbers, tax id numbers, date of birth, as well as details about your investment experience and knowledge. Espo may also collect and maintain personal information about your trading activity including transactions, balances, positions, and account history.

Espo may at some point share your information with “affiliated companies” in order to help provide you with better service or perform services on your behalf. Espo has various affiliates that may receive access to your information. We may also disclose information about you to service providers that may assist us in executing your transactions and/or clearing your trades. In the course of these arrangements Espo will require a confidentiality clause to protect any information we might share. We also may disclose information within limited circumstances when we are compelled by law or rule.

If for any reason in the future we find it necessary to disclose any information contained in this policy we will make every effort to provide advance notice where permitted by law or rule. If we in good faith determine to amend this rule you will be given the opportunity to “opt out” of such disclosure.

Esposito Securities, LLC will never sell your information to any other party.

Any questions about this policy can be directed to